When Should a Bride Book Her Pretrial?

Published on 29 June 2024 at 14:51

Planning the perfect wedding involves countless details, and ensuring your hair and makeup are flawless is one of the most important. At Colorado Bridal Company, we believe that the pretrial is a crucial step in achieving your dream bridal look.

But when exactly should you book your pretrial? Here are our top recommendations to help you plan the ideal timeline for your big day.

Why Timing Matters

Booking your pretrial at the right time is essential for several reasons:

  1. Skin Condition: Your skin changes with the seasons and stress levels. Booking a pretrial too far in advance can result in a look that doesn't match your skin's condition on your wedding day. For example, a trial in August won't be accurate for a January wedding due to seasonal skin changes.
  2. Hair Color: Your hair should be the color you plan to have on your wedding day. We recommend booking your pretrial 6 weeks before the wedding. This allows time for any necessary touch-ups, such as root touch-ups or trims, and ensures a perfect color match if you're considering extensions.
  3. Complete Look: To see your full vision come together, you should have all your beauty treatments done before the trial. This includes lashes, tans, and teeth whitening. The goal is to replicate your wedding day look as closely as possible.

Ideal Pretrial Timing: 4 to 7 Weeks Before the Wedding

Our stylists at Colorado Bridal Company suggest scheduling your pretrial 4 to 7 weeks before your wedding. Here’s why:

  • Skin and Hair Prep: Your skin and hair will be in a similar condition to what they will be on your wedding day.
  • Weather Considerations: Booking your pretrial close to your wedding date ensures the weather conditions will be similar, helping you see how well your hair and makeup will wear. For instance, a trial in December won't be representative of a wedding in August.
  • Final Touches: This timing allows you to make any final adjustments, such as getting your roots done or a small trim, ensuring everything is perfect for the big day.

What to Have Ready for Your Pretrial

To make the most out of your pretrial, here’s what you need:

  • Veil and Accessories: While it’s okay if you don’t have your actual veil, having a practice one helps visualize the complete look.
  • Full Vision: Have a clear vision of your wedding day look. This includes your dress, accessories, and any specific styles you’re considering.
  • Similar Timing: Schedule your pretrial at the same time of day as your wedding to see how well the look holds up.

Additional Tips

  • Engagement Pictures or Special Events: You can book a hair and makeup session any time during the year for engagement pictures or special events. While this won’t be the full trial, it’s a great way to get to know your stylist and see the products they use.
  • Plan Like Dress Fittings: Just like your dress fittings, the last appointment should be close to the wedding. Proper planning and preparation are key to a successful trial.

Book Your Pretrial Today

Ready to book a hair and makeup service soon if you're interested in booking pretrial and ensuring your wedding day look is everything you’ve dreamed of? Contact Colorado Bridal Company today to schedule your appointment. Our expert stylists are here to help you bring your vision to life and make your special day unforgettable.

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